Skiers on the black slope at Snow Space Salzburg Skiers on the black slope at Snow Space Salzburg

Fun and thrills for sporty skiers

The black pistes in Snow Space Salzburg

You stand at the top of the mountain, look down the steep slope and get a tingling of anticipation in your stomach. You make your first turns and the other skiers watch you with respect. When you reach the bottom, you feel a slight burning sensation in your thighs and it gives you a good feeling. Skiing down the black slopes in Snow Space Salzburg really is a remarkable achievement. You will love the Salzburg winter holiday

Black - Steep slope with the winter panorama at Snow Space Salzburg

Black pistes in detail

6 black slopes are waiting for you in Snow Space Salzburg, 3 of them form the so-called "Infernal Trio" in St. Johann-Alpendorf. A real joy for experienced skiers! If you don't feel so confident on your skis or snowboard yet, that's no problem at all. You can ski around each of the slopes on easier runs. Because safety comes first and good self-assessment is the absolute prerequisite for an enjoyable ski day. You can find out everything about the slopes here

View of the Giftabfahrt - black piste at Snow Space Salzburg



  • Piste No. 15
  • Gradient: 65%
  • Inclination:  32,5°
  • Length: 300m
  • Where: from Starjet 3 mountain station to Topliner valley station
View of the slopes at Snow Space Salzburg with snow-covered winter landscape



  • Piste No. 14
  • Gradient: 60%
  • Inclination: 30°
  • Length: 330m
  • Where: from Topliner mountain station to Topliner valley station



  • Piste No. 25
  • Gradient: 55%
  • Inclination: 27°
  • Length: 450m
  • Where: from Sonntagskogelbahn 1 mountain station to Sonntagskogelbahn 1 valley station



  • Piste No. 30
  • Gradient: 64%
  • Inclination: 33°
  • Length:: 445m
  • Where: from the middle section of Sonntagskogelbahn 2 to Sonntagskogelbahn 3 valley station
Skier on the lumbago slope - Black slope



  • Piste No. 32
  • Gradient: 70%
  • Inclination: 35°
  • Lenght: 182m
  • Where: from the mountain station of Strassalmbahn / Buchaubahn to Stegbachlift valley station