Snow cannon with a view of the winter landscape Snow cannon with a view of the winter landscape

Impressive panoramic views and moments to take with you

MYPEAKS Photo Points

Snow Space Salzburg is located in the middle of the beautiful Salzburg mountain landscape. The impressive view of the surrounding mountain world accompanies you on the ski slopes the whole day long and during your Salzburg winter holiday. Thanks to the photo points in the ski area you can capture these beautiful moments. There are also 3 special panorama points in the ski area from which you have a particularly comprehensive and extensive view of the Higher and Lower Tauern mountains.

Photo point with mascot and Hermann Maier

Photo points at Snow Space Salzburg

There are moments in life that are especially fondly remembered. Snow Space Salzburg knows this very well and has therefore installed photo points all over the ski resort where you can take souvenir photos of your skiing day in Salzburg. What’s special about it: The photo points are located at impressive panoramic locations and are lovingly designed to create the perfect motif for you. The photos will be saved in your skiline-profile. 

List of the photo points





St. Johann

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Summit cross with panoramic view of the mountains and fog

Panorama Specials in the Salzburg ski area

That feeling when you look over the mountains, when you become aware of the beauty of nature, when your everyday worries suddenly seem so small and you feel inside that the world is alright after all - exactly this feeling is an essential reason why Salzburg is so popular with its guests. Snow Space Salzburg has many points from which you can enjoy impressive panoramic views of the surrounding mountain world and experience exactly these emotions. But you will be especially amazed at the following 3 points, because they all give you a really amazingly extensive view.

Couple on the G'ill terrace with sunshine and winter landscape

G’ILL terrace

On the sun terrace below the Flying Mozart top station you can enjoy the fantastic mountain scenery. The views of Wagrain and the Salzburg mountain landscape alone will make you want to sit back and "chill".

Where? Below the Flying Mozart top station Wagrain

Couple skiing on the peaks of Snow Space Salzburg

Top of Snow Space Salzburg

The highest vantage point of Snow Space Salzburg is at 1,980 m above sea level, near Grießenkar. The view of the Higher and Lower Tauern mountains which opens up here is particularly impressive. Enjoy this moment before you cheerfully continue down the slopes.

Where: Topliner top station Wagrain

View of the peaks of Snow Space Salzburg with binoculars

Ghost Tower viewing platform

A peak is not high enough for you, you want to go even higher? Then come to the viewing platform at the Ghost Tower. At a height of 14 metres you have a fantastic 360° panoramic view of the ski slopes - including the Devils Trail - and the surrounding mountain landscape. Can you feel the thrill when you look down from this height?

Where? Next to the top station of the Buchaubahn in St. Johann - Alpendorf