Forests are an essential part of a ski area

The mountain terrain is protected by forests

A strong, healthy and functional mountain forest plays a large role in protecting against such natural hazards as avalanches, landslides, wind damage and rock falls, making it crucial for a ski area in the Alpine region. Therefore, the creation and maintenance of a healthy forest receives very high priority from those of us at Snow Space Salzburg.

Advantages of a healthy forest at a glance

  • reducing the damage of natural hazards such as avalanches, landslides, wind damage and rock falls
  • protection against erosion
  • improved quality of the air and groundwater
  • impressive feature of the landscape

Did you know that ...

  • ... the tourist development in the form of cable cars and ski slope areas only occupy approx. 0.28% of the area of Austria?
  • ... in the case of clearing for piste areas, either replacement afforestation to at least the same extent are done or protective forest projects are financed?
  • ... care is taken to create mixed forests during afforestation?
  • ... when developing new slopes, care is taken to preserve landscape elements (mountain pines, groups of trees)?