A connection with the mountains – a commitment to nature

Sustainable ski tourism in Snow Space Salzburg

In the premium ski area Snow Space Salzburg, we have a clear focus on sustainability for skiing, for skiing vacations and a Salzburg winter holiday. With this in mind, we have taken meaningful steps in a variety of areas to support a sustainable, energy and resource saving ski operation.

For us more than just empty phrases

Holistic approach to sustainability in Snow Space Salzburg

Did you know that...

  • … 70% of the energy consumed as part of your skiing holiday can be attributed to your arrival and departure?
  • … all of the electrical energy used by our snow-making systems comes from renewable energy sources? Meaning – no carbon footprint impact.
  • … the average energy consumption per skier each day is only 4.2 kw/h? This is about the same amount used by driving just 6 km in an automobile.
  • ... technical snowmaking duplicates the natural process, with the only material inputs needed also being just water & air? Drinking water is not used.
  • … the primary input to all the reservoir lakes in Snow Space Salzburg is the snow melt from their respective ski areas?
  • ... bee-friendly grasses and herb mixtures are used in the re-cultivation of the ski slopes after construction work?
  • ... when areas need to be cleared for ski runs, we aim to balance the environmental impact through either -reforestation (to at least the same extent) or the financing of forest protection programs?