Skiers match with each other in time on the Skimovie line in Wagrain in the Snow Space of Salzburg | © Snow Space Salzburg Skiers match with each other in time on the Skimovie line in Wagrain in the Snow Space of Salzburg | © Snow Space Salzburg

The timed giant slalom track with cameras at Snow Space Salzburg

Wagrain SkiMovie

Ready, set, go!

Speed lovers enjoy a very special experience at Snow Space Salzburg: the timed giant slalom racetrack. You always wanted to feel like Hermann Maier, Michaela Kirchgasser or Marcel Hirscher? Wagrain SkiMovie gives you the unique chance to feel like a ski star!

On your way down, several cameras will film you from different angles, making it easy to analyse your skiing style after your run. You can watch your personal ski video online, in the Skiline app or at one of the Skiline terminals located in the entrance halls of most valley stations.

Wagrain SkiMovie in a nutshell

  • What? Timed track with cameras
  • Discipline? Giant slalom
  • Skill level? Red slope 
  • Where? The timed track is located on Grafenberg mountain, at the first section of the 2,900-meter slope number 22.

How to get to Wagrain’s SkiMovie track

Coming from Wagrain, take the Grafenberg cable car. Your speed adventure is waiting for you at the mountain station!

Coming from Flachau, take descent number 33 and hop on the G-LINK aerial tramway to Wagrain. From there, take the Grafenberg Express 2 cable car and your movie star career is about to begin!

Coming from St. Johann-Alpendorf, the SkiMovie track in Wagrain is best reached with the following cable cars: From the parking lot of St. Johann-Alpendorf, first take the Alpendorf cable car, then the Obergassalmbahn cable car to reach descent number 52 and the Sonntagskogel cable car. From there, take descents 50a and 41 and slope number 39 and continue towards the Wagrain SkiMovie track.

Even more speed highlights at Snow Space Salzburg

In addition to Wagrain’s SkiMovie racetrack, Snow Space Salzburg offers many other adrenaline-fuelled options for speed lovers!

You would like to analyse and improve your style or show off your skiing or snowboarding talent to your friends? Then Wagrain’s timed SkiMovie giant slalom racetrack is just the thing for you! Just like the rest of the 120 kilometres of slopes that are part of Snow Space Salzburg, the racetrack is covered by the local snowmaking system. 

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