View of G-LINK, the world’s biggest aerial tramway, towards the snow-covered valleys of Wagrain at Snow Space Salzburg | © Oczlon Walter, Bergbahnen AG Wagrain

The aerial tramway in the Snow Space Salzburg

G-Link Wagrain

The G-LINK aerial tramway in the Snow Space Salzburg connects the two ski and hiking mountains of Grafenberg & Grießenkareck, which are separated in the valley by the town centre of Wagrain. The aerial tramway was completed in autumn 2013 and has been a highlight in the Snow Space Salzburg ever since.

The gigantic cable car system in the Snow Space Salzburg region is an aerial tramway and can hold up to 130 people. The cable car runs in both winter and summer.  

G-Link Wagrain im Snow Space Salzburg | © Marco Riebler

Facts and figures 

Length of one trip: approx. 6 minutes

Capacity: 2 cabins that can each hold up to 130 people and 1 attendant

Maximum capacity: 1,300 people per hour

Length: 2.3 kilometres across the valley

Pylons: 2 pylons with a height of 35 m

Maximum height from the ground: approx. 232 m

Cable diameter: Pulling cable 43 mm | Bearer cable 63 mm

Location: Middle station Flying Mozart/mountain station Grafenberg Express 1

The G-LINK cable car

Valley and mountain station

The Wagrain G-LINK connects the middle station of the Flying Mozart cable car with the intersection of the Grafenberg Express 1 mountain station and Grafenberg Express 2 valley station.

The valley station is a separate building on the Grießenkareck at 1,233 m and is connected to the Flying Mozart via a lift. The mountain station is seven metres higher at 1,240 m and is built by the Grafenberg Express 1 mountain station.

Cable car vehicles 

The G-LINK is an aerial tramway and has two vehicles from CWA-Constructions.

130 people and one attendant can be transported per trip. The maximum transportation capacity per direction is approx. 1,300 people per hour, as one trip lasts approx. 6 minutes and up to 10 trips are possible per hour. 

The cabins each weigh approx. 20 tonnes, are around 9 metres long, more than 4 metres wide and approx. 2.75 metres high.

The cable & the cable line

The G-LINK Wagrain in the Snow Space Salzburg spans the valley with a length of 2.3 kilometres. 2.1 kilometres are free-hanging – i.e. without any support pylons. This makes the G-LINK a cable car system with bearer cables and pulling cables. The pulling cable tension is created by tension weights at the valley station (Grießenkareck). The pulling cables are permanently secured and have an end fastening bollard at each end. The pulling cable is fixed to the bearer cable at regular 200m intervals with cable sliders. Identification markers are also hung on these cable sliders to act as aviation obstructions.

The two G-LINK cabins hang with counterweights and running devices on two stationary bearer cables, which act as the track. Both cabins are pulled along the bearer cables by a revolving pulling cable. The cabins are connected to the pulling cable with cable clamps.

The diameters of the traction cable and bearer cable are 43 mm and 63 mm respectively. These dimensions mean that the cables themselves are extremely heavy and can have a sag of up to 150 metres, as can be seen in the longitudinal view. At its highest point, the G-LINK Wagrain has a height of 232 m.

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  • View of G-LINK, the world’s biggest aerial tramway, towards the snow-covered valleys of Wagrain at Snow Space Salzburg | © Oczlon Walter, Bergbahnen AG Wagrain
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