Natural mountain world for the whole family to enjoy

Wagrainis Grafenberg

Easy to reach and yet high up in the mountains: WAGRAINi’s Grafenberg natural mountain world in the Snow Space Salzburg. The adventure world and Grafenberg lift are open every day from 1st July to 2nd September 2018.

Do you want to experience and understand nature with all your senses? Learn about indigenous animals? Enjoy action and sport but also have enough space to relax? All of that is possible on the Grafenberg in Wagrain. 

In summer, the “Grafenberg Lift”in Wagrain takes you comfortably and effortlessly up to an altitude of 1,700 metres, where the adventure begins: use the raft or suspension bridge to get from the Grafenberg to the “Busy Bee” themed walk and then continue to the rope garden on the Hachau slide. Stop at the climbing wall on the way to the forest swings before taking the Path of Fascination back to the children’s farm. Enormous adventure stations promise hours of fun for young and old!     

Adventure stations on the Grafenberg: that’s the Best of Mountains!

  • Wagrainis water games: At the Wagrainis water games station you can see how water makes its way into the pond – via pyramids, spirals, wooden tubs and water wheels. Water lovers will be in their element!
  • Hachau Wasser: The “Hachau Wasser” water playground invites you to build a dam, pump water and make it “burble.”  
  • Stone pendulum: Sit on the huge stone fixed to a rope and feel the slow movement of the pendulum, the pull of the earth and a sense of weightlessness. If you dare to lie under the stone you will feel how your body is magically drawn towards the earth,
  • Children’s farm: Life on a mountain farm – a dream for many. For our young hikers this dream can come true on the children’s farm with its own farmhouse and cowshed. Lots of work and even more fun for little ones! 
  • Archimedes spiral: Can water flow upwards? The Grafenberg lake has enough water for you to try it out! The whirlpool is enormous, and it needs strong hands to get it going.... but maybe you can do it?  
  • Hanging rope bridge: The "Golden Gate Bridge" on the Grafenberg will get some of you wobbling!
  • Wooden raft: Do you want to cross the lake quickly? Then take a shortcut and pull yourself over on the raft. But be careful: the water might be cold! 
  • Hachau slide: The Hachau slide has already caused a few tremors of fear in people. It’s the quickest direct route to the rope garden. More than 20 metres of sliding fun!
  • Rope garden: Obstacle course with swinging ropes, balancing tricks and much more to show off your talent and coordination. All the exercises are at a low level but that doesn't make them any easier! A good flexibility test for little and big kids alike!
  • Boulder wall: Train your strength and mobility, coordination and balance. You will find different climbing routes on the climbing wall, all marked with different coloured grips. Different levels of difficulty make the climbing wall a challenge for anyone.
  • Forest swings: Whether it’s on the nest swing, partner swing or queens’ swing -  there are many possibilities to swing high in the woods! The giant swing is for the especially daring! And if you prefer things a bit quieter the hammocks are a super alternative to all that adventure on the forest swings!
  • Barefoot trail: Walk barefoot over various surfaces such as gravel, moss, or mud – a special kind of foot reflexology massage!
  • Giant rope pyramid: The imposing rope monster can be seen from a distance. How high will you dare to climb?
  • Path of fascination: Test your optical perception on a rotating spiral, see how different mirrors refract sunlight into wonderful colours or how water becomes a swirling whirlpool. Different stations to astonish and amaze you.

Visiting with a pushchair

The Grafenberg lift is a cable car for six people. It’s generally no problem to take a pushchair in the cable car and those that are less than 61 cm wide do not need to be folded. There is stair-free access from the car park to the building and the entrance to the cable car. There is a changing table and disabled toilet facilities in the valley station. Our cable car employees will of course help you at any time. Most of the hiking and walking trails in the Wagrainis Grafenberg natural mountain world are suitable for pushchairs.