Visitors on a wooden raft in an idyllic lake against the backdrop of a play tower in Snow Space Salzburg Visitors on a wooden raft in an idyllic lake against the backdrop of a play tower in Snow Space Salzburg
Spuki Geisterberg Alpendorf

A breath of spooky air

Geisterberg Adventure Mountain in St. Johann - Alpendorf 

On the Geisterberg Adventure Mountain in St. Johann in Pongau, the summer months say "Welcome to the world of friendly ghosts". Over 40 large and small play stations along the hiking paths - most of which are suitable for baby strollers - make the Geisterberg in Snow Space Salzburg one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Salzburg region. Highlights are the Geisterberg castle, the Geisterberg village, water games, climbing towers, swings, family hikes and numerous slides. The tractor-pulled Geisterberg train conveniently takes you part of the way from the top station of the Alpendorf gondola lift to the center of the Geisterberg Adventure Mountain.

Opening Hours 9am - 5pm

  • PRE-SEASON (1.6.-30.6.) Saturday to Tuesday
  • MAINSEASON (1.7.-10.9.) daily
  • OFF-SEASON (14.9.-20.10.) Saturday to Tuesday
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  • over 40 adventure stations
  • stroller-friendly
  • 3 mountain huts
  • Free WLAN
  • 1 Photopoint
  • disabled toilet
  • 17 km of hiking trails
  • free parking spaces

Discover the adventure stations at Geisterberg

Find out more about the various game stations on the Geisterberg in St. Johann - Alpendorf by clicking on the colored dots.

Tip: Get your free ghost medallion and the funny ghost stickers at the ticket office! On this panorama map you can see where you can find the individual ghost stations. Only there can you solve the tasks for your ghost medallion! Once you have completed all the tasks, you can hand in your ghost medallion at the ticket office in the valley station and receive a small gift!

The four Adventure Worlds on the Geisterberg

Awaken the talking gate and go along with Gspensti & Spuki to discover the four ‘spooky’ worlds of the ghosts of the earth, fire, water and air.

Together with their parents, younger children will discover the various ghosts along the Wichtelweg walking path. Older children and teens will have fun in the alpine amusement park where they can experience swings, a haunted castle, bird’s nests, a climbing dragon, a haunted tower, water games, a haunted lake, a shooting gallery and much more. And the adults will certainly enjoy all of the unique hiking and nature experiences of the beautiful panoramic surroundings.

NEW! Ghostjump

From June 29, 2024, Spuki and Gspensti will have a fun adventure ready for their guests before the first stop of the ghost train. At the new ghost jumping tower, children can climb, play and prove their courage by jumping into the ghost cushion.

A little preview

Hermann Maier takes you on a small tour through the Geisterberg Alpendorf and is obviously having lots of fun! But see for yourself ...

Highlight im Snow Space Salzburg im Sommer: der Klettersteig am Geisterberg | © Christoph Huber

Drachis Via Ferrata closed until end of june! 

With the new Via Ferrata for youngsters & beginners, the Geisterberg offers a unique attraction in Salzburg for families who would like to experience some true alpine adventure.

Drachis Via Ferrata provides just the right level of challenge for adventure-hungry kids & teenagers to discover and push their own personal limits. Secured to a steel cable, you and your parents can climb 40 meters up a rock wall on the Geisterberg. The ladders and rungs are mounted in such a way that they can be mastered by children from 12 years of age.

Of course, having all the right equipment - specially fitted to the kids - is important when climbing the wall. Climbing harnesses, helmets and climbing wall sets (harness with safety lanyards) can be rented from the sports shop at the valley station of the Alpendorf gondola lift. Light hiking boots or shoes are fine for the climbing wall, but these should be non-slip for the necessary hold at the toe.

Kraxl Tuesday:

Every Tuesday during your summer holidays you have the
opportunity to climb the 40 metre high Drachis via ferrata
on the Geisterberg together with a certified mountain
mountain guide. Tips and tricks for
handling the climbing equipment on top.

Important information on climbing the via ferrata

  • Use the climbing wall at your own risk - we accept no liability!
  • The climbing wall on the Geisterberg can be reached via the Drachenweg (approx. 5 to 10 minutes' walk from the Buchauhütte).
  • Recommended minimum age 12 years - there are certainly several climbing points with difficulty C (scale from A to F) and an exposed rope bridge on the climb.
  • Good condition, sure-footedness and alpine experience are required for a safe climb.
  • Children and adolescents only accompanied by an experienced supervisor - we recommend one adult per child.
  • Experience in handling safety equipment is mandatory for the accompanying person!
  • The safety equipment (rockfall helmet, climbing harness and via ferrata set) can be hired in the SnowWorld sports shop (at the valley station of the Alpendorf gondola lift), as well as at the Intersport Kerschbaumer in St. Johann - there is NO rental of safety equipment at the cash desk of the Alpendorf gondola lift or directly on the mountain !

How you get to Geisterberg Alpendorf

Coming by car from Salzburg, travel over Bischofshofen to St. Johann. From the B311 (Pinzgauer Bundesstraße) exit in the direction of Großarltal. This will put you on Alpendorfstraße taking you to the valley station of the Alpendorf Bergbahnen.

Address & Parking

Valley station Alpendorf Gondelbahn
Alpendorf 2
5600 St. Johann im Pongau

Free parking spaces at the valley station of Alpendorf Gondola in St. Johann-Alpendorf

Family on the Raft at the Ghost Mountain Alpendorf
Family hike in Alpendorf - Snow Space Salzburg
Family is transported up the mountain in the gondola at Snow Space Salzburg
Familienausflug Geisterberg Alpendorf
Ghost Castle at Snow Space Salzburg - children's attraction
Family on the Raft at the Ghost Mountain Alpendorf
Family hike in Alpendorf - Snow Space Salzburg
Family is transported up the mountain in the gondola at Snow Space Salzburg
Familienausflug Geisterberg Alpendorf
Ghost Castle at Snow Space Salzburg - children's attraction

Info and tips for your visit to the Geisterberg

  • How do I get to the Geisterberg?
    First, the Alpendorf gondola lift carries you about 15 minutes from the valley station in Sankt Johann-Alpendorf up to the mountain station. From there, you take a short, leisurely hike to the Geisterberg train stop. Every half hour, the Geisterberg train continues up the mountain, making a short stop at the middle station (at the Buchauhütte) and then continuing to the center of the Geisterberg. The ride takes about 15 minutes.
  • What is the Geisterberg train?
    The Geisterberg train is a tractor which pulls a large trailer with seats for visitors to the Geisterberg. There is space for up to 50 people as well as space for baby strollers. The Geisterberg train runs up and down the mountain every half hour from 9.15 am to 4.30 pm and makes the trip to the Geisterberg even more comfortable.
  • How much time should I plan for our visit?
    To see and do everything that the alpine amusement park has to offer, you should plan your visit for at least 3 hours, or ideally, 5 hours to a whole day to enjoy the park to its fullest. The gondola lift operates from 9 am to 5 pm
    Tip: Most visitors arrive on the mountain at around 11 am. By arriving a little earlier, you can avoid the line - especially on particularly nice days - and also take advantage of our Early Bird discount.
  • How should we dress for our visit?
    All attractions and play stations on the Geisterberg are outdoors. It does get nice and warm on the mountain in summer so a pair of shorts is usually best, but you should always have something long-sleeved and a rain jacket with you just in case, as the weather can change quickly. Cooler temperatures or even a short rain shower can happen on the mountain faster than you think. On really nice summer days, we suggest swim suits for the children as things can get a bit wet in the water games. Lots of sunshine also means that you shouldn’t forget the sunscreen and a hat!
  • Can I bring a baby stroller?
    The majority of the trails are suitable for strollers. Models designed for outdoor use with good wheels are recommended. Toddlers, however, will probably be most comfortable in a front or rear back-pack style carrier.
  • What if we start to get thirsty or hungry?
    We encourage you – especially on warmer days – to bring something to drink and perhaps a few small snacks for you and your children. There are two traditional mountain huts on the Geisterberg (Buchauhütte and Gernkogelalm) that will be happy to provide you with well-prepared, regional dishes and cold drinks.

There is even more to discover

There is not only a lot to discover at the top of the mountain, the journey of discovery begins at the valley station.

Playground with tower

Alpendorf Playground at the valley station

Directly in front of the valley station of the gondola lift, you will find a children's play paradise with many great activities including trampolines and mini-golf, as well as a giant zip-line, several slides, swings, and much more. Something for everyone!

Opening hours Alpendorf Playground
Ghosts at the Ghost Mountain in Alpendorf

Geisterberg Photopoint: Smile and say ‘Cheeeeese’!

To help preserve the memories for years to come or to share the experience of your visit to the Geisterberg right away, we have set up a PhotoPoint next to the mountain station of the Alpendorf gondola lift. After taking your picture you use your lift card number to view your photo, print it out or share it with your friends at home.

Get your picture
Snowy entrance in winter from the Ghost Mountain

Geisterberg in winter time

The ghosts that can be found on the Geisterberg in St. Johann-Alpendorf in summer hide under a thick blanket of snow in the winter months and hibernate. Only a few restless ghosts still haunt the Snow Space Salzburg ski area in winter. These can be found on the so-called "Devils' Route", which starts near the mountain station of the Buchau and Strassalm cable cars (slope No. 33 - black slope). Are you brave enough to venture past witches and krampuses?

Discover the Devils' Route

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