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Together on the alpine pastures in Salzburg

Rules of conduct on the mountain

Let's go to the hiking and adventure mountains Griessenkar, Grafenberg and Geisterberg. You can expect eventful days with breathtaking views on easy or challenging hikes with the family, as a couple or alone. Your security has top priority. For a good cooperation, we ask you to observe the following rules, then nothing stands in the way of unforgettable mountain enjoyment.

Behavior on the mountain

  • Physical requirements
    Before each tour, make sure that it is suitable for all participants, if necessary for children. Mountain hiking often requires surefootedness and a head for heights.
  • Planning
    Plan your tours based on tour descriptions and maps. Information from alpine clubs and local experts, for example the hut owners, can help you with this.
  • Equipment
    Make sure you have appropriate equipment and clothing. Sturdy high shoes with a non-slip sole and protection against rain and cold are very important.
  • Sign out
    Before the departure, announce the planned route and destination of the tour as well as the expected time of return to the hut owner, hotelier or friends.
  • Adjust the pace
    Adjust the pace to the weakest members of the group. Especially at the beginning of the hike, make sure you walk slowly. Watch other participants so you can identify fatigue in good time.
  • Note the way markings
    Please do not leave the marked trails. Great care should be taken when climbing steep grassy slopes, as there is a risk of slipping, especially when wet. Crossing steep snow fields or glaciers is also particularly dangerous.
  • Avoid falling rocks
    Do not step off stones (risk of injury to other mountain hikers). Pass individual areas at risk of falling rocks quickly and without stopping.
  • Weather
    Reverse when the weather changes, fog falls, the path becomes too difficult, or is in poor condition. This is not a shame, but a sign of reason.
  • Accident
    If an accident occurs, keep calm. If you can't help yourself, try to get help with your cell phone, calling, light signals or waving with large items of clothing. An injured person is usually left at the scene of the accident and must never be left alone.
  • Behavior with animals on alpine pastures
    Do not stimulate cows, calves, sheep, horses etc., but behave normally and do not try to show fear. Do not leave the paths on alpine pastures and try to avoid animals at a great distance.
  • Leash dogs
    Always keep dogs on a leash. The dog must never chase pasture animals, especially mother cows fear for their calves. However, should a grazing animal attack the dog, leash it as quickly as possible for its own protection and simply let it run.
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