High-altitude hike: Grießenkareck - Frauenalm - Jandlalm

Promising high-altitude hike (with gondola ascent) over the Grießenkareck, Saukarkopf to Frauenalm and Jandlalm and back to the gondola mountain station.

You take the Flying Mozart gondola to the mountain station. From here you take hiking trail no. 41, which leads over the Kriegerkreuz to the summit of Grießenkareck. Now follow the high path along the ridge (path no. 41), past the Saukarfunktel viewpoint and over the Saukarkopf to the Himmelleitbodenteich below the Ahornkarkopf. When you get here, turn right onto path no. 85 and descend to the Frauenalm.

The Frauenalm is exactly halfway through the round trip. It is a good idea to stop here for a hearty snack.

The way back starts from the Frauenalm via path no. 45 to the Grießenkaralmen. From the Jandlalm you climb back to the starting point and take the gondola back down into the valley.