Yesterday's snow - tomorrow's water

Snow Space Salzburg’s sustainable water cycle

Producing man-made snow requires the same elements that nature does – air and water. In order to avoid overburdening the local streams and rivers, especially in the winter months with less runoff, Snow Space Salzburg utilizes 10 reservoirs with a combined useful volume of 616,600 cubic meters.

Did you know that ...

  • ... when building new reservoir ponds, amphibian biotopes are created to support various vertebrates and special attention is paid to ensure that they combine well with the landscape?
  • ... retention basins help to collect the snow melt from the upper slopes?
  • … the primary input to all the reservoir lakes in Snow Space Salzburg is the snow melt from their respective ski areas?
  • ... water is only used from streams and rivers during the heavy runoff months which occur each summer ?