Downhill and freeride trails for more action

Bikepark Wagrain

Long-known internationally as a ski mountain, the Grießenkareck also has a lot to offer MTB downhill riders and MTB freeriders...

As well as varied mountain bike routes, the Wagrain bike park also offers a special kick in the Snow Space Salzburg region: Professionals and beginners alike will enjoy flowing downhill and freeride trails. The cool mix of trails, jumps and tables ensures that adrenaline junkies will also be in their element! Travel up the mountain on the Flying Mozart cable car – and be at the start in just a few minutes without any effort!

The bike and guiding centre at the valley station of the Flying Mozart cable car in the Snow Space Salzburg has everything to offer bike enthusiasts: from rental bikes with all the right equipment through to taster courses.

Operating hours 2019

In addition, the bike park and the cable car Flying Mozart 1 + 2 are open in the pre-season and post-season on the following days: 

  • Saturday, June 15, - Tuesday, June 18, 2019: 9 am - 5 pm
  • From Saturday, June 22, - Tuesday, September 10, 2019: Daily from 9 am to 5 pm

Please note: the Gravity Card is also valid in our Bikepark.

Lines & trails in the Wagrain bike park

ON AIR  | 1.870 m

Upper ON AIR: Flowing digger-shaped trail with roll-in, table tops and the legendary Monster Wallride as a highlight in the top section. The consistently solid width of the trail makes the Upper & Lower On Air routes suitable for anyone wanting to try out free riding. All obstacles can be avoided on the “Chickenways.” Fun at any level!

Lower ON AIR: Extension line is the trail in the style of the Upper on Air: wide, open feeders with lots of space for FUN!

SYMPHONY | 592 m

The digger-shaped trail in the lower section of the bike park can be described as a dynamic masterpiece with many “highs and lows.” Adrenaline kicks and lots of airtime are guaranteed on the various obstacles. Step ups, step downs, tables, rainbows and much more. The obstacles along the route mean that Symphony is classified as a difficult trail but is also suitable for weaker riders thanks to the many bypass possibilities.


ANGRY ANTS | 214 m

A single trail with lots of root passages that continues into the fall line.

NAIL GAMES | 324 m

Nail Games is a variation that takes riders behind the Monster Wall Ride and is the ideal connection to Angry Ants. 



A challenge for true north shore experts. Skinny lines between the trees. Definitely a line for experts!


MEMORIES | 491 m

School Single Track in the lower section of the park. Fast, slow, technically difficult – the track has everything to make it fun for experienced riders.


LILLY'S TREAT | 1.080 m

A treat for all those who love flow. Compared with ON AIR, the digger-shaped trail is significantly narrower and creates the feeling of a single trail. Lilly´s Treat meanders one kilometre down into the valley along perfect feeders, countless rollers and tables. The new freeride trail was developed together with Gravity Logic’s Tom Prochazka and is classified as “medium” difficulty.


The winding first section of the Hard Rock trail is riddled with waves, short pump sections and jumps. It flows into a second section in a natural single trail with lots of roots. The trail is classified as red but has black sections in the middle. It is also 3.7km long so the physical condition factor should not be overlooked.

The panorama deserves particular mention: The start from the Hard Rock to the Wagrain bike park is at 1,850 m above sea level. 


As a special service, there is a large bike wash system at the car park. There are also two shower rooms for riders inside the Flying Mozart station. This service is included in the bike ticket.    

Rules & conditions

  • It is forbidden to use the bike park outside of the opening hours.
  • Children under 10 may only use the bike park when accompanied by an adult. Children from 10 to 16 must present a declaration of consent signed by a parent or legal guardian when buying their ticket.
  • Use of the facilities is at the user’s own risk. The users of the facility or their legal guardians are aware of the dangers and unusual risks associated with this sport. Liability for any damage or injuries connected with the use of the bike park is completely excluded.
  • It is only permitted to ride on marked paths. Observe and obey any warning signs or instructions and stay off any closed paths. 
  • Do not take shortcuts on winding paths.
  • Riding on the paths is only permitted with a helmet and appropriate protective clothing (e.g. back protector, leg and elbow protectors, gloves) and suitably equipped bike for the track conditions.
  • For safety reasons, walking in the bike park is prohibited.
  • Riding uphill or pushing your bike in the bike park is forbidden.
  • Adjust your speed and riding style so that you never lose control, can stop at any time or can avoid other bikers, animals or objects along the way.
  • Do not stop in places where you block the path or cannot be seen by riders above you. Bikers coming from behind must choose their route so that they do not endanger the rider in front of them.
  • Any bikers who want to enter a path or start again after a stop must make sure that they can do this without endangering themselves or other bikers.
  • If you are involved in a collision or witness a collision or an accident, you must stop at the scene of the accident and notify the bike patrol on the following telephone number: +43 (0) 59221.  The number can be found on all signs.
  • In the event of an accident every rider, whether a witness or involved party, must submit their personal details.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to take photos or film in the bike park for safety reasons. Taking photos and filming is only allowed with the permission of bike park employees and once the necessary safety measures have been met.
  • •Please respect the environment. Rubbish must be thrown away in the designated rubbish bins. Bike repairs on the route are forbidden. Cold cleaning agents or non-biodegradable cleaning products are strictly forbidden. 
  • Instructions from Snow Space Salzburg employees and bike park employees must always be followed.

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