Safety is a good feeling!

Covid-19 safety measures

Last season we were able to learn how to ensure the safest possible skiing for our guests despite Covid-19. We are taking this knowledge with us into the coming season and, based on the ordinance of the Austrian Federal Government for the protection of all our guests and employees, we are implementing a series of measures that you will always find updated here on this page.

Please respect the measures and comply with them for a safe coexistence.

We have carefully researched the information currently available on skiing operations and skiing holidays concerning Covid-19. However, we are not an authority and cannot provide legally binding information. For further details on the current legal provisions in connection with Corona, please refer to an extensive FAQ on the website of the Ministry of Health or on the official EU page.

All information will be continuously updated.
The current legal regulations apply. All information is subject to change.

Our Corona safety measures in detail

Corona safety measures for winter operation

Important initial information for the winter

A diverse winter experience with open slopes, hotels, mountain huts and restaurants awaits you. Here you will find the current excerpt of what is planned for the winter in accordance with the federal government:

3-G proof means proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or proof of having been tested.

  • Skiing is currently possible for everyone who can provide proof of 2G (vaccinated or recovered).
  • The hotel and catering industry has been open again for you since December 17th. The 2G obligation applies (vaccinated or recovered).
  • There will be hardly any restrictions for those who have been vaccinated or those who have recovered. Any measures will primarily affect the unvaccinated, whoever is vaccinated should have easier access to all winter vacation areas (possible exceptions may come into force due to a lockdown).
  • The permanent wearing of an FFP2 mask (see "Where do you have to wear a mask?") Is compulsory in all closed gondolas and lifts as well as in stations for everyone from 6 years of age. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 can also wear mouth and nose protection.
  • According to current knowledge, there should no longer be capacity restrictions or distance rules.

Austria is reacting to the expansion of the Omikron variant with stricter entry regulations:

A 2-G + certificate is required for entry. In addition, a current PCR test (valid for 72 hours) or a booster vaccination (3rd vaccination) must be available, otherwise entry is possible, but a quarantine must be entered, which is ended by a negative test result. Exceptions apply, among others. for children and adolescents of school age as well as for children under 12 years of age and pregnant women.

Here you can read all the details about the new entry rules

Current entry and exit regulations by country

Test roads:
Register online at

Persons insured abroad do not fill in the Social Security Number field. The appointment confirmation and photo ID must be presented in the test street.
The following test stations are available in Ski amadé:

State of Salzburg

  • Rapid test station Radstadt – Rotes Kreuz Radstadt, Tauernstrasse 13, 5550 Radstadt
  • Rapid test station St. Johann – Kongresshaus, Leo-Neumayer-Platz 1, 5600 St. Johann im Pongau
  • Rapid test station Schwarzach – Salzburger Straße 2, 5620 Schwarzach
  • Rapid test station at the Filzmoos community – leisure center, Neuberg 102, 5532 Filzmoos
    Free rapid antigen test, cost for PCR test: 90 euros
  • Kurapotheke Bad Gastein – free of charge for e-card owners, chargeable for others
  • Test station at the Bad Hofgastein tourist office – free of charge for everyone
  • Spa pharmacy in Bad Hofgastein – free of charge for e-card owners, chargeable for others
  • Test options at the doctor Dr. Buchsteiner in practice – free of charge for e-card owners, chargeable for others
  • Großarl pharmacy – free for Austrians


  • Rapid test station Schladming – Bergwerkstraße 532, 8970 Schladming
  • Medical center, Liezen – Rathausplatz 2, 8940 Liezen – free of charge for all nations
  • Kulturhalle Gröbming – free of charge for all nations

Lift pass purchase information

Before you can link your ticket to the 2G proof, you must first purchase a ticket. So if you want to link your Friends Card or existing KeyCard with the 2G proof, this must first be topped up with a valid ticket.

1. Online – Web portal
Link your Ski amadé Winter season ticket or ticket purchased online to the 2G proof from the comfort of your own home.
Prerequisite: Purchased ticket + digital 2G proof.

Link ski ticket with 2G proof now

The verification of your 2G proof or the activation of your ticket must be carried out separately before entering the respective ski area. The best thing to do at the moment is to use a second mobile phone:

  • Step 1: Open this link on the mobile phone of your partner / friends / family: (can also be found on the Ski amadé homepage )
  • Step 2: Enter your ticket number (located on the back of your ski ticket)
  • step 3: Scan the QR code of your necessary Covid certificate (about a vaccination or recovery), confirm and off to the ski slopes!
  • When you confirm, a green square will appear that shows you how long your Covid certificate is valid.

2. Ticket / Pickup machine*
Here you can link the ticket directly with your 2G proof.
Requirement: Purchased ticket + digital 2G proof.

3. Cashier’s desk*
The ticket can also be activated directly at the ski pass cash desks.
Prerequisite: 2G proof.

Please keep your 2G proof ready for possible checks at all times for the duration of your stay in the ski area. Information on data protection can be found here.

* Please inform yourself about the possibilities of the individual ski resorts.

  • Currently, a 2G certificate (vaccinated or recovered) must be provided in order to use the cable cars.
  • Lift passes can be bought easily and at any time in the Ski amadé online ticket shop or at the ticket offices on site. 
  • All guests must always have valid 2G proof of the current level with them when entering the ski area. The control or linking of ticket and the necessary 2G proof is done either online (portal currently still being worked out) or on site at the lift ticket offices or lift access points.
  • According to current knowledge, children up to the age of 12 do not have to provide the necessary 2G proof.

The ski pass is only activated for the period of validity of your necessary Covid proof. After expiration you will then need to provide a new Covid certificate (online or on site) in order to continue using the season ticket.

If lift tickets are issued by third parties (e.g. by teachers for school ski courses, etc.), this third party can carry out the control of the necessary Covid proof if this has been contractually agreed with the sales point (cable car company) in advance.

The third party works for the lift operator and the Covid certificate does not have to be presented every time the cable car is used.


  • BioNTech/Pfizer (Comirnaty), Moderna (Spikevax), AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Johnson/Johnson (Janssen)
    Until January 31, 2022: Maximum 9 months (270 days) from receipt of the second or third vaccination.
    ATTENTION – Change of validity from Tuesday February 01, 2022:
    Valid for 2x vaccination = 180 days
    Valid for 3 vaccinations = 270 days
  • Recovered 1/1 vaccinated
    One-time vaccination with an approved vaccine, if a Covid-19 infection has previously been proven by a positive PCR test (at least 21 days before vaccination) or a neutralizing antibody test (no deadlines foreseen) is valid until January 31, 2022: Up to 9 months (270 days) after receiving the vaccination
    ATTENTION – Change of validity from Tuesday February 01, 2022:
    In case of recovery + 1x vaccination = valid for 180 days
    In case of recovery + 2x vaccination = valid for 270 days
  • Special regulation for persons under the age of 18:
    2x vaccination or recovery + 1x vaccination = 210 days
    3x vaccination or recovery + 2x vaccination = 270 days
  • All vaccines not approved in Austria (e.g. Sputnik V, Sinopharm or Sinovac)
    not valid

For entry only, the vaccination certificate is still valid for 270 days. But then you cannot visit any places that require 2G proof, such as leisure facilities, restaurants, hotels, ski areas, etc.


  • 6 months (180 days) after an infection detected by molecular biology (positive PCR test)
    Proof is the recovered certificate or a medical confirmation of a molecular-biological confirmed infection

Persons who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons and pregnant women:
If one of these cases applies, a consistently negative PCR test (valid for 72 hours from sample collection) must be submitted in addition to the medical certificate for one of the two reasons mentioned above. In summary, data subjects must submit a PCR test every two days to meet the requirements of consistently negative evidence.

Proof of 2G is required from the age of 12 (from the 12th birthday).
The card for children under 12 can be activated in the online tool without proof.

Exception rule for children of school age = from 12 years and born on 01.09.2006 or later applies:
The fully completed "Ninja Pass" is valid as proof of 2G (even on weekends). For the school-free period (holiday season and phases of homeschooling) the “Holiday Ninja Pass” is valid for all young people from Germany and abroad who are not or not fully vaccinated. All those born before September 1st, 2006 must provide proof of 2G (vaccinated or recovered). The card for children under 12 can be activated in the online tool without proof.

Mask requirement

  • Up to the age of 6, masks are not compulsory.
  • Up to the age of 14, a tight-fitting mouth and nose protection is sufficient.
  • From the age of 14, FFP2 masks are mandatory

Covid proof requirement
Proof of 2G is required from the age of 12 (from the 12th birthday).

Exception for unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated school-age adolescents = from 12 years and born on September 1st, 2006 or later applies:

  • For young people of school age who are required to attend school in Austria, the fully completed "Ninja Pass" is valid as proof of 2G (also at weekends).
  • The “Holiday Ninja Pass” applies to young people of school age who are required to attend school abroad.
  • All those born before September 1st, 2006 must provide proof of 2G (vaccinated or recovered).

The Holiday Ninja Pass is equivalent to 2G proof if:

  • Valid negative test evidence is always available from day 1 to day 5 without interruption, then the evidence also applies to day 6 and day 7 without additional testing,
  • at least 2 of which are PCR tests,
  • all official test certificates are attached to the Holiday Ninja Pass in paper form or digitally and a valid photo ID is carried.

This means:
School-age adolescents who are not or not fully vaccinated can provide evidence of 2G by being tested demonstrably at least 2x PCR and 1x antigen within 5 consecutive days.

Bonus: If this cycle is adhered to, the 2G verification also applies to days 6 and 7.

This cycle is only valid for 7 days, after which you have to start again immediately. This means that two test cycles (2x PCR and 1x antigen) may be necessary for the vacation.

How long are the tests valid?

  • Antigen test 48h
  • PCR test 72h

As long as you are there on vacation, there must be a negative valid result for each day (7-day cycle - days 1-5 tested).

Exception: If, in individual cases, proof of a PCR test cannot be presented due to an evaluation that was not carried out on time (longer than 24 hours) or insufficient availability, proof of an antigen test from an authorized body (pharmacy, test street, etc.) is permitted instead (if this can be made credible).

Download Holiday-Ninja-Pass here

Information and examples on test cycles

In this sense, compulsory schooling means: All children from the age of 12 (from their 12th birthday), who were born on 02.09.2006 and later.

Hotels & Accommodation

The hotels are open! The following regulations apply:

  • A 2G certificate (vaccinated or recovered) is required for accommodation
  • No 2G proof is required for children under 12 years of age
  • School-age children (see here) can also provide proof of 2G with the ninja or holiday ninja pass
  • There is an FFP2 mask requirement in all buildings in all generally accessible areas
  • Which rules apply to the restaurants in the hotels – see here.
  • For the rules for wellness areas and fitness studios, please contact the hotel directly

Ski huts & Gastronomy

The ski huts and gastronomy are open! The following regulations apply:

  • A 2G certificate is required
  • FFP-2 mask requirement indoor: Applies to guests as soon as they get up from the table. In the accommodation when entering generally accessible areas. Operators and employees also have to wear an FFP-2 mask when contacting customers in closed rooms.
  • The curfew is set at 10 p.m. and the obligation to register for guests must be observed – unfortunately, the night catering can only open after January 10, 2022
  • No consumption while standing, food and drinks only at the administration point

What to do if I feel sick

In any case, if you, your fellow travellers or children feel ill, please stay in your room, do not go skiing, do not come to gastronomic facilities or to snow sports lessons. Please inform your host immediately about your symptoms.

If you, fellow travellers or children suffer from corona symptoms (fever, dry cough, aching limbs, sore throat, shortness of breath or loss of sense of taste or smell), please call the Health Hotline 1450 for further clarification of the symptoms.


All contents of this page have been compiled in the best of the editor's knowledge and belief. All contents and information may be subject to alterations. State regulations form the legal basis for operation. Information and material regarding protective measures have been provided by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce – Division Ropeways.