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Covid-19 safety measures

Dear guests!

Skiing is an outdoor sport and it has been proved that it is very beneficial for your health. You are outdoors in the fresh mountain air, you are stocking up on vitamin D and you are moving a lot. And that is not only good physically, but after the restrictions over the last few months, a stay in the mountains is also good for your mental health. So therefore we are looking forward to seeing you this winter!

Our Corona safety measures in detail

All information will be continuously updated. Last update on 21.01.2021.
The current legal regulations apply. All information is subject to change.

Corona safety measures for the ski operation

In order to guarantee the safety of all summer athletes, the following regulations currently apply to the lifts:

  • A face mask has to be worn permanent in all cable cars and chair lifts with a weather protection hood by everybody from the age of 6.
  • Moreover, there is a permanent compulsory use of face mask in all enclosed rooms like buildings, toilets, in all public transport and while queuing in enclosed buildings.
  • In order to guarantee everybody’s safety, the requirement to wear a face mask in the prescribed areas applies, without exception, to every guest over the age of six.

All cable cars and lifts will be aired as best as possible – Please ensure you air adequately during your ride (open windows, open the weather protection cover, etc.). 
All lift facilities (cable cars, chairlifts,…) will be regularly disinfected.

Disinfection possibilities are in the toilet facilities and at the ticket office area.

All cable cars and lifts can be filled to a capacity of 100%. 

Guests will be made aware of the current Corona safety regulations by means of signs and loudspeaker announcements on site.


  • All employees, who come into direct contact with customers, will wear a face mask or will be separated from the guests with a suitable safety measure (e.g. Plexiglass).
  • The employees of the cable car companies are trained or instructed in Corona safety measures according to uniform guidelines and regulations.
  • All employees of the cable car companies are subjected to daily health checks (fever measurements, symptom control). In the event of suspicion, tests are carried out immediately and the employees are immediately isolated from the company organization.
  • The cable car companies each have an employee responsible for Corona who is responsible for planning and implementing the measures.

By using the Contact Tracing APP 'STOP CORONA' of the Austrian Red Cross you are helping to tackle to spread of the Corona virus – it is recommended that you use this.

Download app here

For the use of the lifts you currently do not need proof that you are recovered, tested or vaccinated. What does apply, however, is the face mask obligation in enclosed cable cars and lifts.

For even more security

  • Dissolving of queueing areas (where possible)
    To avoid queues, we recommend using our Online Ticket Shop and our ticket points
  • Relocation of queueing areas to the outside
    Wherever the ticket point was inside a building, we set up outdoor containers (Grafenberg, Flying Mozart and Alpendorf Gondola)
  • Compliance with the minimum distance
    through barriers and markings. In addition, regular loudspeaker announcements point out the distance rules and the mask requirement.
  • Control of compliance with the measures
    by our own security staff and mountain railway employees


ou have the following possibility to order your lift pass contactless online. Please make use of this at our Online Ticket Shop

What to do if I feel sick

In any case, if you, your fellow travellers or children feel ill, please stay in your room, do not go skiing, do not come to gastronomic facilities or to snow sports lessons. Please inform your host immediately about your symptoms.

If you, fellow travellers or children suffer from corona symptoms (fever, dry cough, aching limbs, sore throat, shortness of breath or loss of sense of taste or smell), please call the Health Hotline 1450 for further clarification of the symptoms.


All contents of this page have been compiled in the best of the editor's knowledge and belief. All contents and information may be subject to alterations. State regulations form the legal basis for operation. Information and material regarding protective measures have been provided by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce – Division Ropeways.