Skiers match with each other in time on the Skimovie line in Wagrain in the Snow Space of Salzburg | © Snow Space Salzburg

Your skiing diary with elevation chart and more

Skiline Snow Space Salzburg

Skiline is the perfect companion for skiers and snowboarders who want to know it all. With only a few clicks, the software allows you to relive your ski day.

How? Every time you pass a cable car station with your key card, the software tracks your movement, logging details like covered difference in altitude and kilometres skied. Log into the Skiline app or one of the Skiline terminals at all valley stations of Snow Space Salzburg with your ski pass number (on your key card) and find out interesting details about your day of skiing.  

Skiline: your highlights at a glance

  • individual elevation chart 
  • estimated kilometres skied 
  • list of all cable cars used 
  • SkiMovie: watch, download and share your personal ski video
  • Registered users receive an overall profile of all logged ski days.

Skiline meets SkiMovie

The Wagrain SkiMovie timed giant slalom racetrack or the Alpendorf SkiMovie parallel slalom track were the highlights of your ski day? Then how about watching your personal ski video at home? Simply log in online or via the Skiline app and relive your greatest moments!

Skiline terminals at Snow Space Salzburg

If you want to relive your greatest run or print out your personal elevation chart, simply check out the Skiline terminals at all valley stations of Snow Space Salzburg ski resort!